Reser’s Fine Foods was incorporated in 1960. They’re headquartersis in Beaverton, Oregon, a suburb of Portland. Al Reser still leads the company, and we still make a great potato salad.

Pre-cooked, authentic, Hawaiian and Polynesian foods, luau leaves, ti leaves, leis and hand-painted coconut invitations.

The preserved fruits and other products you find here are the same products that the locals enjoy.

Sizzlin Sauces Hot Sauce Company -featuring Spittin Fire Hot Sauce, Salsa’s, BBQ Sauces, Mustards, Tee-Shirts, and Gourmet Gift Baskets. “Yearn for the Burn”

SerenDIPity Gourmet Specialties – Wickedly Fun and Delicious Dip Mixes and Bagel Spreads! Gourmet dip mixes with a sprinkle of humor! Just blend with sour cream and mayo and let the party begin! We offer several delicious flavors as well as handmade pottery dip chillers and gift packs.

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